Types of Canadian Visa | All you need to know about Canadian Visa types

Canada is one of the most popular tourist, economic, and educational destinations in the world. It is home to some of the top educational institutions in the world, attracting students from all corners of the globe. Canada is one of the world's greatest economies, with plenty of job and business prospects. A visa is a requirement for entering a foreign nation. As a result, if you intend to visit Canada for whatever reason, you must first obtain a Canada visa.

Canada visa:

A visa is a document that allows foreign nationals to go to Canada and stay for a specific amount of time. Visa holders can also travel through Canadian airports' international transit regions or across land boundaries. Applicants can apply for a visa at any of Canada's embassies or consulates in their native country.

Visa Types in Canada:

The type of visa you'll need is determined by your immigration status and the purpose of your visit. You must choose the visa category that best fits your reason for entering the country.

  1. Temporary Visa

  2. Student Visa

  3. Permeant Residency

  4. Business visa

1. Temporary visa

A temporary resident visa enables a foreign national to visit and stay in Canada for a limited time. This type of visa can be used for vacations, business trips, and visits to friends and family members who are already in Canada. A tourist or business visa to Canada is valid for six months. Visitor visas to Canada can be obtained for both single and multiple trips. To complete the visa application process, the visa applicant must fill out a specific form, provide required documents, and pay visa fees. Visitors with this visa can stay in Canada for up to six months. Temporary visas can be single-entry or multiple-entry. Single entry allows you to enter the country just one occasion and doesn't allow you to return after leaving. The multiple entry visa allows you to enter and exit the country as many times as you want during its validity period.

2. Student Visa

A study permit allows foreign nationals to live and study in Canada for a set period of time at an accredited educational institution. The applicant's profile will determine the level of education, work authorization, length of stay, and other factors. Applicants may be able to work part-time while studying. Students with a visa permit are permitted to stay in Canada for an additional 90 days after graduation, either for visa extension or departure preparation. Students from India who want to study in Canada and obtain a student permit quickly can do so through the Student Direct Stream (SDS).

Canada, a country with an infinite number of colleges and universities, is frequently regarded as one of the best study destinations by students. With some of the best colleges in the world and world-class facilities, Canada is unquestionably one of the best places for students to study. Students who want to study in Canada should apply for a Canadian Students Visa, which is one of the most popular Canadian Visas. They must meet the following criteria.

Should have passed the IELTS examination with a minimum score.

Should be available for a personal interview if necessary. Evidence of funds

Acceptance letter from a university

Should appear for Medical Exams and other tests.,

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3. Permanent visa

A non-Canadian citizen who has obtained permanent resident status in Canada is referred to as a permanent resident. Permanent residents are given the Permanent Resident (PR) Card, which allows them to enter Canada via any mode of transportation. Most PR cards are only valid for a maximum of five years. Certain PR cards have a one-year maximum validity period. The card holders will be eligible for a wide range of benefits, such as medical coverage, as a Canadian citizen under Canadian law and citizen rights. Individuals with PR status are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. However, Canada PR holders are unable to vote or run in elections, and they are unable to apply for jobs that require a high-level security clearance. To obtain the PR Card, foreign nationals must fill out a form, provide supporting documentation, and pay a fee.

Permanent Residency visa includes

Skilled Worker visas

Provincial Nominee Program

Sponsorship Visa

Skilled Worker visa : To qualify, skilled worker applicants must have at least 67 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points. They must also demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves and their family members. Successful skilled worker candidates in this category will be able to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It will allow the skilled worker visa holder and family members to live and work permanently anywhere in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

Every province and territory in Canada has an agreement with the federal government to nominate immigrants who want to settle in their province. Such candidates must apply to the province and await a nomination. In addition, each province has its own set of eligibility criteria.

Sponsorship Visa

This is a critical program aimed at reuniting families. It allows spouses and dependents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens to immigrate to Canada permanently. Sponsors, on the other hand, promise to support the family members for three to ten years.

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4. Business visa

The Business Visa is one of the types of Canadian Visas and is intended for highly experienced entrepreneurs who wish to conduct business in a foreign country. The Business Visa allows individuals to visit Canada on a short-term basis in order to explore business opportunities. It should be noted that business visas do not permit individuals to work in Canada. Some of the most common Canadian business visas and programs are listed below:

Quebec Business

Immigration Visa

Provincial Nominee Program

Federal Business Immigration Visa

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