Looking for Visa Solution Services?

F-Connect offers support and assists you with going through the visa procedure of the following:


  • Student Visa

  • Dependent Visa

  • Work Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa)

  • Immigration or PR Visa

  • Parents Visa

Student Visa

If you aspire to study overseas to help expand your horizon and achieve your goals, you need to apply for a Student visa for your dream country. Student visas usually require an enormous and precise amount of documentation for processing. Most countries allow students to work part-time as well on their student visa to support themselves. Usually, you are required to show your university/college acceptance letter, financial support proof and other relevant documents during the procedure.

F-Connect helps you with:

  • Career counselling and college selection

  • IELTS/PTE Coaching

  • Documentation and application submissions.

  • Preparation for the interview for the Student Visa


Countries catered by F-Connect for the student visa:
USAUK Australia CanadaNew Zealand


Dependent Visa

This visa is applicable to the individuals who hold a non-immigrant status in the country applying for. It allows one to bring their dependents. Most countries allow the dependents to work and study full-time with the right permits. While applying you will need to prove the relation.

F-Connect helps you with:
1. Guidance and assistance in choosing the right visa.
2. Documentation and application submissions.
3. Preparation for the interview, if needed.

Countries catered by F-Connect for the dependent visa:

USA | UK |  Australia | Canada |  New Zealand


Work Visa

If you are looking to work in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia or New Zealand, then you need to apply for a work visa. This type of visa specifically allows you to work as a professional in the country. To apply for this, you need to have a genuine offer letter, also some countries would even want your employees to vouch for you. Apart from this, there are other documents required to be presented while applying, which again differs from country to country. Moreover, these visas are temporary and need periodic renewal.

F-Connect team can help you with:
1. Understanding the process and different visas available.
2. Guidance and assistance in collecting and filing the documents.
3. Submitting visa application.
4. Preparation for the interview, if needed.
5. Renewal process, if applicable.

Countries catered by F-Connect for the work visa:
USA | UK |  Australia | Canada |  New Zealand


Business Visa

This temporary visa allows entrepreneurs, professionals and executives to visit a country for business purposes such as conducting meetings, conventions and conferences, contractual negotiations and of the similar sort. The duration and privileges of this visa varies from country to country and, of course, demand varied documentation for the process. Moreover, you need to be very careful of documents while filing for this visa.

F-Connect team can help you with:
1. Understanding the process and assisting in documents collection
2. Submitting visa application
3. Preparation for the interview, if needed

Countries catered by F-Connect for the business visa:
USA | UK |  Australia | Canada |  New Zealand


Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa)

If you are planning to visit a country for a short period for leisure or medical purposes, then you need to procure a visitor or a tourist visa of the concerned country. On this visa, you cannot work and its validity differs based on the purpose and country.

F-Connect team can help you with:
1. Identifying and understanding the visa process.
2. Assisting in documents collection.
3. Submitting visa application.
4. Preparation for the interview, if needed.

Countries catered by F-Connect for the business visa:

  • USA: B1 and B2 visa .

  • UK: Standard Visitor visa.

  • Australia: Visitor visa (subclass 600).

  • Canada: Visitor visa or a temporary resident visa.

  • New Zealand: ETA or New Zealand Visitor Visa.

  • Europe: Schengen Visa


Immigration or PR Visa

If an individual is planning to move and settle in a new country to start a new life, then getting a PR visa is the right way. Applying for permanent residency can be a lengthy process and involves a lot of documentation that needs to be submitted with precision.

F-Connect team is committed to assist you with applying for a Canada PR visa through Express Entry process.

F-Connect helps you with the following:

  1. Checking eligibility to immigrate Guidance on right process to follow
    IELTS/PTE Coaching.

  2. Documentation and submission of application, including applying for ECA.

  3. Advice and tips to find local job in Canada including assistance in creating resume in the Canadian format.

  4. Flight booking and cab booking on-arrival.


Parents Visa

If you are a Canadian citizen or PR visa holder, you can sponsor your parents (and grandparents) for the Canada PR visa. This is usually referred to as the Parents visa. For this, you need to submit an online expression of interest, followed by an invitation to sponsor and finally the application processing by the officials.

F-Connect provides assistance with:
1. Document collection and submission of it without any mistakes.
2. Submitting the online application.
3. Keeping a track on the updates.


Process Flow

Generally, our visa counsellor follows the below process flow:

  1. Understand your situation and requirement.

  2. Choose the most relevant and appropriate visa to apply.

  3. Prepare your application and all the necessary documents.

  4. Submit the application and take interview appointments, if needed.In case of interviews, we provide interview coaching sessions to help you go through the process smoothly Get the result of your visa application